Sam Morrow


Sam Morrow is a creative drummer and accomplished session musician. Drumming has taken him to venues and studios all around the UK as well as touring in Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East, currently playing over 250 shows a year. Having worked with a wide variety of artists over his career, Sam is now predominantly focused on performing Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop, fusing electronic samples and triggers with his acoustic kit. Recently performing with UK Rapper Gak Jonze (Columbia Records) and Dutch number 1 artist Tesni (Sony Records).

Born in East London, he grew up surrounded by Caribbean, African and Indian music, as well as British styles, and that has had a profound influence on his development as a musician. At 11 he moved with his family to Belfast, where he spent most of his teenage years. At 17, he went for to live in New York for a year and spent much of the time watching and playing jazz gigs, before ultimately returning to the UK. Since then his knowledge, love and appreciation of different musical styles has kept expanding, helping him to find his own voice, and develop a unique style.

Sam currently uses Mapex Saturn Drums, Zildjian A & K Custom Cymbals, Roland Pads & Triggers and Vic Firth Sticks