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Drum Jam with Vince Cherico

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Michael Jackson Tribute

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Sugar Cubes - Sam Morrow Drumming

Jamming with Sugar Cubes

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Going on Tour

Surviving on the Road

This is a seldom discussed topic, but one of career-making importance. I’ve spent years touring with only a few weeks at home, and the below is a collection of stuff that I’ve learned along the way. Setting up Home I was working with a session guitarist from LA who was[…]


Working With Gak Jonze

During this last year I’ve been drumming live for UK rapper Gak Jonze a lot, and seeing as he’s just launched his latest single, I thought it would be a good opportunity to put him in the spotlight. I’ve worked with loads of artists over the years and Gak is[…]


It’s All About Beat Two

Several drum books talk about ‘filling over the bar’. It’s a cool idea, but without reason it is pointless, and I’ve learned more from using my ears, than from any book. I’m going to look at what I call ‘landing on the two’ for this post. Check out this audio[…]

Sam Morrow Drums Gig Advice

Finding Paid Gigs

Over the years I have played loads of original gigs, but whilst getting projects off the ground and experimenting, function work was one of my most reliable incomes (and that is true for most professional players I know). This post is really a list of things that might just help[…]


Killer Arrangements

Playing covers is bread and butter for thousands of musicians worldwide. To my ears, a lot of the time these covers do not do justice to the originals. The main causes of poor or average sounding covers are: Lacking the skill/diversity to sound like a particular record Emulating a record[…]